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Why I Think Everyone Should Collect Art

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Collecting art brings so much joy to mine and my families life. When I saw my one year old son looking at a painting and even talking to it, it made me realize that art is something that every person in the world can enjoy. It is something that you can enjoy everyday, and over the years your appreciation for it will grow and change the way you think. People often ask me what my favorite painting is and honestly I have a different answer almost everyday.

Every piece of art is perfect.

A painting that is amazing to me might be boring to another person, and what is amazing to that person might be something that I would never want in my house. Art is all about interpretation and appreciation.

Collecting art doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars on a piece of art work. One of my favorite pieces of art is a $10 Super Mario Bros printed canvas that I have hanging in my kitchen so that we can all enjoy it everyday. It will probably be there for a very long time, who knows one of my kids might take it with them to college someday. It even inspired me to hang two other Nintendo artworks in my kitchen.

I also get artwork that my kids do in school professionally framed and display them around my house. I get the most enjoyment out of those, they are something that I will cherish forever.

All I am trying to say is that you can get so much extra enjoyment in life from collecting art, and it is something that everyone should collect.

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